GB 29921—2013National food safety standard Maximum levels of pathogens in foods
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    This database is developed according to the standard text of National food safety standard Maximum levels of pathogens in foods(GB 29921-2013),which was implemented on July 1, 2014.

    1 Scope     This standard specifies the indicators, maximum levels and test methods for pathogens in foods.     This standard applies to the prepackaged foods.     This standard does not apply to canned foods.

    2 Application principles     2.1 Whether the maximum limits of pathogens was stipulated or not, food producers, processors and traders shall take control measures to reduce as far as possible the level of pathogens in food and the possibility of resulting risk.     2.2 After sampling according to provisions of GB 4789.1, perform test according to the test method specified in Table 1.

    Note 1: Food category is used to define the applicable scope for the maximum levels of pathogens and is only applicable to this standard.     Note 2: n is the number of samples collected from the same batch of products; c is the maximum number of samples allowed to exceed the value of m;m is the maximum limits of the acceptable level of pathogen indicators; M is the maximum safety limit value of pathogen indicators.     Note 3:Unless otherwise specified, all expressed in per 25 g or per 25 mL.

Limited requirements Test method
沙门氏菌 Salmonella 坚果籽实制品:腌制果仁类 n=5, c=0, m=0, M=- GB 4789.4